Sports Company Case Study

Marketing Dilemma:

With the sports culture on the rise in India, Sports Companies want to expand their market base in rural Gujarat. But they are not sure about what rural areas and villages to target for a better ROI.

MVMI can help them tremendously in determining an appropriate district/village for a smoother and successful market penetration. All a marketer needs to do is to follow the below steps.

1. Decide on district with highest rural MPI. Top 5 districts with highest rural MPI are found to be as given in the table below.

Top 5 Districts of Gujarat
District Rural MPI No of Villages
SabarKantha 140.4012 1376
Surat 138.7420 713
Mahesana 137.9297 605
Kachchh 136.6893 924
BanasKantha 136.5025 1237


2. One needs to brainstorm and decide on relevant information on sports marketing. Government is popularizing sports culture in the state by organizing ‘khel kumbh’ in different places. Thus, it would be appropriate to connect sports and educational institutions. Consider the number of educational institutes in rural districts. Secondly, existing facilities available for sports and recreation in the villages should be considered. MVMI can provide information about the number of available sports field and recreation clubs in villages. A sports field in a village can be interpreted as villagers’ interest in sports. And the existence of recreation club is an indicator of interest in indoor sports and social activities. In order to choose district, we aggregate this information at the district level.

The following table provides this relevant information summarized from village level data.

Top 5 Districts of Gujarat
District Rural MPI No of Villages Educational Institutes (Numbers) Sports Field (Numbers) Recreation Clubs (Numbers)
SabarKantha 140.4012 1376 674 234 22
Surat 138.7420 713 1262 164 17
Mahesana 137.9297 605 594 190 2
Kachchh 136.6893 924 832 200 1
BanasKantha 136.5025 1237 1222 429 73


Considering the sports interest in the rural area, BanasKantha has maximum number of sports field and recreation clubs. Though educational institutes are marginally less in BanasKantha compared to Surat, concluded BanasKantha district should be the first preference to promote sports equipment in a rural area in Gujarat.

3. Selection of villages in BanasKantha can be done with the criteria of the no. of educational institutes. Villages with 10 educational institutes are listed in the following table.

Name of Village
Vav JunaDeesa
Panthawada Mudetha
Amirgadh Lavana
Danta Khimana(Palodar Na Vas)
Vadgam Raner
Bhadath Umbri
Lakhani Shihori
Varnoda Kamboi
Malgadh Vada


Most of these villages have sports field as well as recreation club. A Sports Company interested in marketing sports equipments can begin from these villages in BanasKantha.

Second preference can be Sabarkantha district. And villages can be selected in the same manner. This how MVMI can be used for strategic marketing in rural areas.