MICA has been at the forefront of Strategic Marketing and Communication Management for the last 25 years with its commitment to serve the industry by researching, consulting and collaborating to advance the frontiers of knowledge. MICA Indian Marketing Intelligence (MIMI) is one such endeavor where MICA provides reliable data clubbed with market prioritisation tools to understand the diverse and multi-faceted Indian markets better. In the past, MICA's endeavors were the Rural Market Ratings 1998, Urban Market Ratings 2000 and MICA Market Ratings 2009; MIMI 2013 is the fourth and MICA Village Market Intelligence (MVMI) 2019 is the fifth in this important series.

MIMI provides authentic information and insights to the marketer to analyse the markets, develop new products, enhance their penetration and design marketing strategies to have an edge over their competitor.

MIMI is useful for district-level market planning. MIMI provides Market Potential Index (MPI) for the entire district as well as separately for rural and urban areas. In addition, data on various strategically useful parameters are for each of the 630 districts. MPI helps the marketer in the selection and prioritising of the districts, from data for 182 variables for each of the districts helps in strategising the marketing and sales initiatives and activities. MIMI is a unique tool with a strong conceptual foundation and a robust research methodology. To develop sector-specific understanding, MIMI provides composite scores for a group of variables like Media, Finance, Agriculture, and General amenities. Many of the 182 variables are related to social development and hence MIMI can also be used for Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy formulation and social marketing.

Recently, MICA has added MICA Village Market Intelligence (MVMI) for rural market planning at the village level. This covers 6, 40,948 villages and encompasses more than 60 variables. Rural MPI and relevant data are a very efficient method for selection of rural districts, villages and estimation of rural market size for marketers, for NGOs for analyzing developmental needs and for corporates to align with their CSR activities.

Both MIMI and MVMI are user-friendly web-interfaces and have easy to use tools like Graphs, GIS Maps and Multivariable Matrices. Let me conclude by saying that MIMI and MVMI they are indeed cutting-edge tools ready to serve the needs of the Marketing and Communication fraternity at large.